Since its creation, MITS has been working on identifying and acquiring permits with Lead/Silver/Copper and/or Barite indices and launched an aggressive exploration program to prove its end reserves and ensure the sustainability of its industrial plant.

MITS is specialized in producing and trading base metal ore, especially Lead and Copper.


MITS is one of Morocco’s leading mining largest exporter of Lead Concentrate, to follow the high international demand. Lead is extracted from our mines, and treated process, to reach purity of 65% and above.

We started production in 2 sites:

N1 : TNT lead deposit in the High Atlas region Ait Bougmaz province of Azillal,

N2: Vanadium and lead deposit in the region of Khounifra.


To meet the high international demand of copper, we focus our efforts on development of Copper business, by acquire Copper mines and treatment of Copper ore, to reach purity of 25% to 30%.

We started production in 2 sites:

N1: Copper deposit in the anti atlas nkob region province of Zagora, initial reserves estimated at 200k tons of copper silver.

N2: Copper, silver and gold deposit in the Atlas Tinghir region